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R714 995

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*Price excludes cost of metallic paint and on the road fees.

The all-new KIA SORENTO:

Equipped to get you right where you want to be.

The rugged new KIA Sorento takes you to exciting new places, and offers you the equipment needed to make the journey with style and confidence. With its newly elevated headlamps and bonnet, the Sorento cuts a bold and substantial figure on arrival. At the rear, bright LED stop lamps (EX model only) integrated into the tail lamps communicate instantly with following traffic.

Surround yourself with intelligent contours.

With its fine craftsmanship, sleek instrumentation and powerful, targeted ventilation, the roomy Sorento interior is a refuge of sophistication.

8” Audio Display with Navigation: The 8″ Audio Display with Navigation adds to the standard system’s capabilities, with a large colour touch screen and an integrated reverse camera display.

Steering wheel remote control:
Intuitively placed steering wheel-mounted controls let you adjust volume and change stations without taking your hands from the wheel and allows access to Bluetooth connectivity, with voice control.

Auxiliary, USB and iPod ® connections:
Play audio from iPods, flash drives and other compatible multimedia devices through the integrated 3.5 mm (analogue) and USB connectors. The Sorento is equipped with Apple CarPlay and is Android Auto ready.

Electronic Parking Brake (EPB):
Engage the parking brake simply by operating a button and be certain of whether it’s properly engaged or not. CarPlay and is Android Auto ready.

3rd row partially folded

3rd row partially folded row folded fully flat

3rd row folded fully flat & 2nd row partially folded

7 seats for maximum flexibility Partial and full folding of rear seat rows give the Sorento numerous seating and cargo combinations for a perfect balance of passenger comfort and practicality, including convenient loading of long or odd-shaped cargo and leisure equipment.
Luxurious interior flexibility.
The Sorento interior offers a high standard of comfort and luxury featuring finely crafted seats. With multiple configurations, practicality and versatility is standard in the new Sorento.

Ease of entry and exit:
The 2nd row seat autofolds and slides 270 mm to let rearmost occupants in and out.

2nd row seatback lever: Easily fold the second row seatbacks flat with a single pull of the remove release lever located in the luggage bay.

Rear air ventilation and power supply: Rear passengers can adjust airflow with vents and controls mounted at the back of the centre console. USB and 12V outlets allow for charging a variety of devices.

One-button adjustable headrest: The 1st row seat headrests offer up, down and sliding adjustment with the simple push of a button.

Powerful and efficient.

The petrol and diesel engines available on the Sorento offer middle and low range torque with smooth, quiet operation. Their enviable fuel economy is aided by ingeniously precise transmissions that balance power and efficiency, whether you’re in town or out on the open road. (Leather seats with electrical adjustment are standard on EX and EX Plus models.)

Witness graceful economy in motion: With its aerodynamic 0.33 coefficient of drag, the Sorento leads the class in low air resistance, making the exterior all the more attractive from the driver’s seat.

Every road can present new challenges: The Sorento is engineered to use its own reflexes to keep you in control when tricky surfaces, inclines, twisting roads, and unexpected moves by other drivers put you to the test.


Safety above all else: Feel protected inside the Sorento cabin where you are surrounded by a safety cage design fortified with ultra-high-tension steel and a 6-airbag SRS system. Thoroughly
tested in countless crash simulations and actual collision tests, we’ve given the unthinkable quite a bit of thought so you don’t have to.

Dynamax™ AWD Coupling:
The intelligent Dynamax All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) system, developed in conjunction with Magna Powertain, continuously monitors driving conditions and anticipates AWD system requirements, sending torque to the wheels that have traction. The system also adds stability in corners, helps eliminate unintended over and understeer by reducing unwanted traction forces at the front and rear axle, and helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

  • Rack-type Motor-Driven Power Steering (R-MDPS): A firm, solid feel and unprecedented steering response are simultaneously achieved with optional R-MDPS.
  • Rear sub-frame: Even 2WD models now feature the sturdy rear sub-frame that AWD models are famous for, further improving driving stability.
  • Upright rear shock-absorber: A vertically oriented rear shock absorber system helps to control wheel travel on uneven ground and better isolates occupants from bumps.
  • Hill-start Assist Control (HAC): HAC prevents the vehicle from rolling backward when at a standstill on an incline by gently applying the brakes for up to two seconds while you move your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator.
  • Vehicle Stability Management (VSM): The system enhances the directional stability of the vehicle by automatically controlling MDPS and brakes on each wheel. In case of braking on a non-homogeneous surface (e.g. right wheel on ice and left wheel on the asphalt), it helps to stabilise the vehicle and maintain the vehicle path.
  • *Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS): The Sorento uses more than 53% Advanced High Strength Steel. This exceptional steel reinforces the front, rear and sides, as well as high stress points throughout the body.
  • Six airbags: The Sorento offers driver, front passenger, two front-side and two side-curtain airbags to help protect occupants and potentially reduce injuries in the event of a collision.

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