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Make Room for Memories


R763 995

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*Price excludes cost of metallic paint and on the road fees.


Style that turns heads anywhere.

Style is all about delivering what is expected and then going beyond. It’s about leaving nothing to chance and paying absolute attention to every last detail and the finest craftsmanship. But it’s also about pleasure and enjoying the luxury of freedom. The new KIA Grand Sedona will take you wherever you desire in outstanding comfort and style, making driving a truly satisfying part of how you fill each day with pleasure.

Positioning Lamps:
Parking lamps illuminate with supreme effectiveness while adding to the all-new Grand Sedona’s remarkably modern exterior styling.

LED Fog Lamps:
Always maintain a clear view of the road ahead without interrupting the all-new Grand Sedona’s futuristic design aesthetic. SXL model only.

Aerodynamic Lines:
Elegant side moulding accentuates the sporty lines of the all-new Grand Sedona to maintain a dynamic profile view.

Heated auto folding mirrors:
For a quick start to journeys and for added protection in tight parking spaces, the exterior side mirrors are heated and fold away automatically.
EX Plus and SXL models only.

Conversation mirror:
It’s never a good idea to look over your shoulder while driving. Now you can safely talk to rear seat passengers without turning your head away
from the road ahead.

Auto defog system:
Forget about having to manually operate the vehicle’s defogger. This clever feature detects moisture on your windshield and removes it automatically.
EX Plus and SXL models only.

A space for ultimate relaxation

The perfect interior environment offers an innovative approach to comfort by making sure you feel refreshed in all driving conditions
while having everything you need at your fingertips. In the all-new Grand Sedona, the wide, horizontal slanted centre console and the
abundance of space combine with luxury styling to exceed your expectations. Live life to the fullest and explore the limits of your
potential in outstanding comfort and style.

Dual sunroof
There’s no reason you can’t enjoy the sensation of driving under a big sky while creating an even more spacious feel to the cabin. SXL model only.

Stand-up seats (2nd row)
Third row passengers will never again have to struggle to climb in and out of
the vehicle.

Pop-up sinking seats
Hide the fourth row seat below the floorboard of the all-new Grand Sedona
for even more space and restore it instantly by lightly pressing a lever.

Introducing a new definition of space

An abundance of space is key to creating an interior ambience that is truly relaxing. With the all-new KIA Grand Sedona, you and your passengers will discover that, however far you travel, it is possible to arrive at your destination even more energized than when you left.

Smarter features to match your fast pace of life

Quality of life is all about feeling you have more than enough time to spare. The all-new KIA Grand Sedona is designed to offer optimum
efficiency and simplicity to help make your life easier and allow you to enjoy every precious moment.

  • Power sliding door:
    The second row sliding door can be opened manually or by pressing a button on the Smart Key. SXL model only.

    Other lifestyle features:

    • Smart Key (SXL Model only)
    • Body-coloured outside door handles
    • Overhead console
    • Sliding door interior button (SXL Model only)
    • First row ventilated and second row heated seats
    • Large center console
    • Full auto air-conditioning with independent 3-zone control
    • Integrated seat memory system
Power and safety in harmony

Peace of mind comes when safety is considered from every angle, when power is combined with refinement and tranquility. The all-new KIA Grand Sedona offers advanced anti-collision features and a high strength chassis to deliver maximum safety, allowing you to effortlessly rise above the toughest demands on your driving skills in any urban landscape.

Advanced high strength steel:

Advanced high strength steel improves impact resistance, body rigidity and performance as weight is reduced and the collision structure is reinforced.

Airbag system:

Airbags for the driver and front passenger as well as side curtain airbags help protect against injury in the event of a collision.

Intelligent spatial awareness:
Good maneuverability means never having to feel trapped, even in the
tightest of spaces. State-of-the-art features make sure you’re always in charge of your Grand Sedona and able to enjoy your surroundings to the fullest.

Front and Rear parking sensors:
Ultrasonic sensors warn you about obstacles in front and behind your
vehicle to help keep you safe and in control at all times. EX Plus and SXL models only.

Rear view camera:
Be fully aware of what’s behind
you by using the full-colour, high definition rear view
camera as your trusted guide.

Rear cross-traffic alert (RCTA): When backing out of a parking spot or driveway, the system warns the driver if it detects any cross traffic in the lane the vehicle is entering.

Hill-start Assist Control (HAC):
Now you never have to worry about rolling backwards when you start your car on an incline. Enjoy peace of mind wherever you park.

Rear view camera:
Be fully aware of what’s behind
you by using the full-colour, high definition rear view camera as your trusted guide.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC):
automatically controls brake pressure in challenging driving situations like sudden turns,  acceleration and braking.

High-performance Damper (HPD):
Working alongside the Grand Sedona’s suspension, HPD helps
guarantee an even smoother ride, extra comfort, responsive steering and stable handling.

1st & 2nd row safety power windows:
Passenger safety is vital, especially when travelling with young children, and safety power windows give you added peace of mind. EX Plus and SXL models only.


R 2.2 Diesel Engine: This light-weight engine uses a nitrogen oxide reduction catalyst to regulate emissions while featuring NVH coating and a highly efficient turbocharger.

8-Speed Automatic Transmission:
Practical styling and advanced precision come together perfectly in a gearstick featuring a leather-textured boot that is totally in line with the new Grand Sedona’s modern looks.

Supervision Cluster (7″ Colour TFT LCD):
A high-visibility display located in the center gauge cluster provides useful, on-demand trip computer information graphics such as distance to empty, average and instant fuel consumption and outside temperature.
SXL model only.


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