All-new Kia Carnival

Live a big life


R799 995

Incl VAT

*Price excludes cost of metallic paint and on the road fees.

Built for big families with even bigger dreams.

Some of us want to get out there and explore, others want to look but never get out of the car. Some of us, the smaller ones, even want to discover lost treasure. A big family does not have one dream, they have many. Whatever your family’s dreams are, however many they are, the all-new Kia Carnival is big enough for them all.

A companion for picturesque moments.
Travelling with the whole family, and maybe a few friends too, is one of those life events that makes for lasting memories. The Carnival is hard to beat when it comes to intimate adventures, offering comfortable seating, plenty of space, lots of light, and the connectivity to keep you in touch with the rest of the world. Luxurious, practical and enhanced with the latest technology, the Carnival makes sure every family member is taken care of.
Game-changing design.

Who said people movers can’t be beautiful? From the Carnival’s futuristic headlamps embedded into the tiger-nose grille, to the broad, dramatic stripe of the rear tail lamps, fresh details establish a luxurious new design vernacular among people movers. Sleek body lines serve an aerodynamic purpose, while the expansive windows and dual sunroof complement the cabin‘s feeling of openness.

Control is the name of the game.
The Carnival’s upscale and sophisticated interior puts the driver in command by enabling quick choices with minimal distraction through the use of steering wheel controls, or by tapping on the intuitive centre-console screen.

Individual comfort for every single seat.
With cosseting, welcoming seats, enviable headroom, and tasteful materials, the Carnival comfortably accommodates every individual occupant.
From the ways the doors slide to how the seats can be adjusted and moved, the interior is engineered to make the ride a joy for everyone inside.
Surrounded by screens that say just enough.

Information technology has changed driving forever. But rather than being bombarded by a seemingly infinite amount of
data, the Carnival presents everything on a need-to-know basis, filtering out what’s not absolutely necessary. The cockpit is
designed and engineered to help you focus on the key information while your mind stays on the road and what’s around you.

4.2-inch supervision cluster.
The supervision cluster helps you stay focused and informed, with data like remaining distance to empty and fuel consumption, navigation cues, and outside temperature.
*Excluding SXL model.

12.3-inch infotainment and navigation system.
View and select audio functions on the 12.3-inch display audio. Choose audio sources, tune in to radio stations, and adjust audio quality to taste by using convenient controls mounted on the steering wheel. With phone projection, the display of a compatible phone can be viewed on the centre touchscreen.
*SX Limited and SXL model only

Smartphone wireless charger.
Now with up to 15W of electric power, the charging pad in the Wireless Charging Tray bin lets you charge compatible mobile phones wirelessly. The indicator shows orange while charging and turns green when charging is complete.
*SX Limited and SXL model only.

Multi-function free mode seat.
For the 8-seat model, the 2nd row seat can be removed and turned to face the 3rd row seat. Or turn and fold the centre seat only to create a shared table.

Luggage mode.
For 7- or 8-seat models, the 2nd row seats can be removed, and a lever lets you fold down the 3rd row seats to accommodate cargo.

The versatility to handle whatever the future brings.

It’s hard to think of a more accommodating and flexible interior than this. Seating options let you fit up to eight people, while some or most seats can be removed to make way for cargo. You can even turn the walk-in (non-reclining) 2nd row seat to face backward, so occupants can see each other while they talk, limousine-style.

Less vibration, less fuel and all the power you need.

The quieter diesel engine of the new Carnival offers significant fuel savings though improved cooling and reduced friction. The 8-speed automatic transmission offers smooth operation, with more gear ranges to achieve the perfect balance of economy and power.

Makes even the longest journeys a pleasure.

From a dual sunroof system to seat warming and cooling ventilation, the Carnival is packed with all the features a big family could wish for.

Bluetooth voice recognition
LED headlamps
Electric sliding doors
Dual sunroof
LED rear combination lamps
3-zone full auto air conditioning
Seat warming and cooling ventilation
Smart power tailgate
Exterior Colours.
Safety first.
Designed with safety in mind, the Carnival employs the latest in innovation and protective technology to ensure peace-of-mind when driving with your loved ones. 

Parking Distance Warning (PDW).
For utmost confidence when maneuvering into and out of tight spaces, PDW uses ultrasonic sensors mounted on the front and rear bumpers to warn you of any nearby obstacles.

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA).
Rear corner radars detect the presence of cross traffic, from the right or left, in the lane the Carnival is backing into. If a vehicle is detected, and audible and visual warnings go unheeded, emergency braking is applied automatically.
*This feature is available in the SX Limited and SXL models only.

Forward Collision Avoidance Assist (FCA).
As you turn right at an intersection, FCA uses a front view camera and a front radar to detect oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists ahead. By warning the driver and automatically applying the brakes, FCA helps to avoid or reduce the severity of an accident.
*This feature is available in the SX Limited and SXL models only

Lane Following Assist (LFA).

To help you stay in the centre of your lane, LFA identifies the lane’s
boundaries using the front view camera. If it senses that you’re drifting out of the lane, it automatically steers the vehicle to keep it centered between the lines.
*This feature is available in the SX Limited and SXL models only

Rear View Monitor

Rear View Monitor with Parking Guidance gives you a live view of what’s
behind you. Lines superimposed on the image help you know how much space you have.
*This feature is available in the SX Limited and SXL models

Blind-Spot Collision Avoidance Assist (BCA).

If you start to change lanes and BCA detects a vehicle in the blind spot, it will warn you, and can even apply differential braking to avoid a collision. It also alerts you to approaching vehicles when exiting a parallel parking space.
*This feature is available in the SX Limited and SXL models only

Smart Cruise Control (SCC).

With a simple touch of a button, SCC will maintain the driver’s selected speed. Using the front view camera and front radar, the system allows the vehicle to automatically maintain a safe following distance, reduce speed, and even come to a complete stop and start again, if necessary. *This feature is available in the SX Limited and SXL models only

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